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True Speed of Powerline (HomePlug) Adapters

August 14th, 2014
Performance of Powerline adapters

After long research of the market options, I finally upgraded to Powerline adapters at home. I got mine from Amazon. One detail that got my attention was the officially declared Powerline adapter’s speed. I believe this aspect is confusing for other people as well. What is Powerline (HomePlug)? It’s data transfer technology which uses existing powerlines in your […]

LAN speed test

May 14th, 2014
LAN data transfer test

Why would you need LAN speed test? Usually one of the reasons, why you get interested in LAN speed test, is when something does not work in your LAN. Just few examples of this: streamed video gets choppy or freezes, it looks like the LAN becomes sluggish for files transfer. You may want to perform a […]