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Dell Bios update without Windows

October 8th, 2014
Updating Dell Bios without Windows

Windows became a de facto environment for BIOS update Windows became quite popular and pre-dominant in PCs market … As a result, it became de facto standard that you will update the BIOS of PC using Windows as well. However, that is not the way to go for people who are using Linux (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu or […]

Modding AMI BIOS

June 27th, 2014
Modding AMI bios

What is the BIOS? BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input Output System on your PC. It is responsible to initiate and make available all devices and their chips (including CPU) are to the operating system on your PC motherboard. Some PC parts like RAID controllers and video cards have their own BIOS. For instance, such BIOSes […]