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USB flash drive no medium found

December 17th, 2016

I have ended with such error “Usb flash drive no medium found” too after writing different bootable Linux versions multiple times to my Transcend JetFlash 300 16GB USB flash drive.

First, I got this error message in Windows OS. Initially, I thought that the issue was only only on Windows OS. So, I just booted to Ubuntu and tried to wipe the flash by using the command


Similar cases happened to me few times ago and I thought Linux will return back my flash drive as it happened before.

However, the trial was unsuccessful too. In conclusion, neither Windows or Linux operating systems were able to see any space on my flash drive and format it. My guess was that either the firmware of the USB drive got damaged or some configuration of USB drive got wiped/damaged.

Official way of fixing “Usb flash drive no medium found”

According to Transcend website if “it is no longer recognized by PCs or not working properly, the JetFlash Online Recovery provides the initial help by restoring your flash drive to its factory default settings”.

Let’s do this! JetFlash Online Recovery software can be downloaded here.

Attention – this software will wipe everything (including the data) which might be still restorable by e.g. professional services.

Keep in mind that the Transcend software is available only for Windows, sorry Linux friends 🙁 Also, you have to choice the software depending on which Transcend drive is in your possession (Jetflash 620 or Jetflash generic).

Quickly let’s go through the installation and let’s run it!

The first screenshot looks like this and it looks like we one minute away from getting the flash drive back.

Transcend Online Recovery


A formatting process starts:

Transcend using Online Recovery

and ends not how I was expecting by producing the error (0x1901):

Transcend Format failed (0x1901)

I got this Transcend Jet Flash 300 from eBay and I think that the closest Transcend support center is thousand miles away from me. But I did not want to give up on this.

Alternative way of fixing “Usb flash drive no medium found” error

By using the software called USB Flash info, which I already mention in my previous post, I extracted some info on HW of the USB drive before it got into this shape.

Here is a report from USB Flash info:

Volume: H:
Controller: Alcor AU6989SN-GT/AU6998SN
Possible Memory Chip(s):
Micron MT29F128G08CBCCB
Memory Type: MLC
Flash ID: 2C846454 A9
Flash CE: 1
Chip Code: 0xEC05
Chip F/W: FA00
Group: 98
VID: 8564
PID: 1000
Manufacturer: JetFlash
Product: Mass Storage Device
Query Vendor ID: JetFlash
Query Product ID: Transcend 16GB
Query Product Revision: 8.07
Physical Disk Capacity: 15676211200 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 15657336832 Bytes
Internal Tags: AZWR-S872
File System: FAT32
Relative Offset: 1024 KB
USB Version: 2.00
Declared Power: 200 mA
ContMeas ID: 0325-01-00
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x64 Build 7601

Ok, the most useful information is within first few lines – controller name and flash chip name and we need to reflash or restore the config of Alcor AU6989SN-GT/AU6998SN.

I found this website with plenty of different versions of Alcor configuration utilities. I started from version ALCOR MP_v13.10.01.00. However, it did not work, so I went up and finally I found working version with my USB drive. I think each of the versions supports specific controller and specific flash memory chip.

Normally, you should see the capacity in the main window of the program like here:

Transcend Usb flash drive no medium found Alcor utility

There is a button in left of detected USB flash drive (marked as G in above screenshot). If you click on it, you should get the configuration of your Alcor USB drive. I got such config on my damaged Transcend 16GB USB flash drive:

Transcend Usb flash drive no medium found Alcor utility

As we can see, it shows 0 MB size. If that is the case, you should go to “Setup”. After asked for the password, just leave it empty spaces and click OK and setup the config (you could you the setting which are shown in the top part of the screenshot below).

Once you have done this, click start and formatting process should start:

tRASCEND Usb flash drive no medium found Alcor utility

And (pretty long low level) formatting should begin:

Transcend Usb flash drive no medium found Alcor utility

It finished after ~1 hour.

Transcend Usb flash drive no medium found Alcor utility

So, if your USB flash drive is bigger it might take even good few hours 😉