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DIY lens hood for Sony A6300 (SEL1650)

November 24th, 2018

I own Sony A6300 camera, which came together with wide angle to standard portrait length OSS lens SEL1650 (3.5-5.6). This lens is quite reasonable as entry level. It is worth to read this SEL1650 review, in order to learn the range of the aperture and the lens focal length values combinations, in which this lens is really sharp. One of quite interesting plots with geometric distortions can be found here. Briefly, the lens distortions drops significantly from 35mm upwards 50mm. The falloff (transparency) becomes better in the aperture raneg of f16-f32.

However, I learnt also (after making some shots in pretty good conditions) that it does not perform so well when the direct light enters the lens optics. There is no officially released lens hood for this camera … Shame on Sony engineers. One option is to get the hood from eBay (via eBay).

But you could make it yourself too

Luckily, I found this thread on DPReview forum about making a hood for SEL1650. One difference – I used super glue to stick the parts together.

You will need: 1) a filter ring adapter from 40.5 to 49mm (via eBay) and 2) SEL1855 hood (via eBay).

For both, I paid around 5Eur and had to wait few weeks for delivery. Finally, both parts arrived:Make lens hood for SEL1650 yourself

Let’s assemble together!

First you have to screw the ring onto the lens and mark the top on the ring. After this, you can unscrew it.

Secondly, put the ring on the hood and align your mark with top of the hood. You will see some places of the hood and the ring coming together without any space between and there will be some with the spaces. That’s OK. Just gently few drops in the places where both parts stick together and let the glue drops to dry. I used electrical tape to keep the construction stable:

Make lens hood for SEL1650 yourself

Once these few drops are dry, you can put more super glue in other places 😉 After that just let to dry for 1/2 day or so.

And the final result is here:

Make lens hood for SEL1650 yourself