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Changing language on LG VR6260LV Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner

September 24th, 2014

Some Background

I read many reviews about the robot vacuum cleaners from different brands: iRobot (Roomba), LG, Samsung and others.

It was not easy to conclude different people’s opinions on that. However, LG Hom-Bot VR6260LV caught my eyes, because it looked the most intelligent according to the reviews. Even it appeared that these robot vacuum cleaners were powered by embedded Linux. Both details influenced the decision to get LG 😉

Change language on LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner

Pros and Cons of LG Hom-Bot VR6260LV

LG VR6260 Hom-Bot does pretty good job, especially, if it supervised e.g. watched with the cup of tea or coffee 😉

However, there are few worth to mention details.

One of them is that the vacuum cleaner might be caught or stuck under the chair or narrow furniture. Another – it can ‘catch’ some cables (audio, video or power) if they are lying on the floor.

So, first of them is probably specific to the model and its firmware, while others are quite generic. I hope that the first issue will be sort it out in some firmware release.

However, if you can live what was mentioned before, it helps with housekeeping 😉

Simple issue … changing the language of LG Hom-Bot!

This time, I bought the robotic friend from a German eBay site and as a result it communicated with us only in German.

It’s sounds as quite simple and regular problem (at least to me). However, reading the manual did not explain how to solve this user’s need 🙁

It’s not that bad compared to some guys (I found on the Australian forum) who bought only korean speaking LG Hom-Bot. However, it is still not so convenient.

So only thing left – to tweak it! If it is powered by Linux, there should be a way to fix it 🙂

Solution to the problem

After some browsing, I found on the same forum, that one of the members AsherW shared a Bash script, which first backups your current language and after this it copies English (or other) language files to your LG Hom-bot vacuum cleaner robot.

Change language on LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner

What you will need

Let’s begin

Keep in mind, that by changing the language pack on your LG Hom-Bot you might violate and loose LG warranty (if you have one)!

You can use some of your USB flash drives. It should not be cleaned before using as it has to have only some specific files and directories.

In my case, I used 2GB FAT32 flash drive, to which I have just extracted the archive and put onto USB flash drive.

After the USB flash drive is ready, you need to put it into LG Hom-Bot’s USB port for booting from it.

Finding an USB port

First, you have to find an USB port, which is hidden near trash container (as it is shown in photo below).

Change language on LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner


Flashing procedure

  • Switch off the LG vacuum cleaner with the button on the bottom-left
  • Insert your prepared USB flash drive into the USB port
  • Switch on the vacuum cleaner by the same switch (located at bottom-left)
  • Press Start button on the top of the vacuum cleaner
  • An English voice should pronounce the beginning

Copying the files should not take longer as 5-10 min. You can check the end of copying by stopped blinking LED nearby the USB port.

Change language on LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner

That’s it! Your LG Hom-Bot should start speak in the language which you want and look at surrounding world through that digital eye (photo above)!

The last thing, do want enable WiFi and Web server on this little robot?

You can read more on that here 😉