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Crontab format

November 17th, 2016
Linux crontab format

Once you learn basic Linux commands and at least a bit Linux shell (e.g. Bash) scripting, crontab (scheduler) in Linux becomes another major step forward, as it allows you to automate your shell scripts. This post is about crontab and its format. Before using crontab Just make sure that your bash scripts are executable. You […]

Passwordless SSH

December 15th, 2014
Public key authentication SSH

In this post, I will show how to setup a passwordless SSH login from both Linux and Windows to a Linux SSH server. Pros and cons of traditional SSH login A traditional SSH login is based on password authentication and the passwords are encrypted during the transmission. That is a lot better compared to an older […]

Using Clonezilla

November 6th, 2014
Making an image using Clonezilla

What is Clonezilla? Clonezilla is a live Linux distribution for creating an image (clone) of the hard drive for your PC or laptop independently which OS is used on the machine itself (Linux, MS Windows etc.). Clonezilla allows you to clone (and efficiently archive it in order to save space) the whole drive or separate partitions. It is pretty […]

Streaming webcam from Raspberry Pi

September 2nd, 2014
Linux MJPG streamer

I had been wanting to try this setup for quite a while. Thankfully, I found some time last weekend. Requirements for this project: Raspberry Pi (version B or better) At least 2GB SD card Raspbian (Debian Wheezy) Webcam (in my case, that is Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks) The determination to continue this project, when something […]

True Speed of Powerline (HomePlug) Adapters

August 14th, 2014
Performance of Powerline adapters

After long research of the market options, I finally upgraded to Powerline adapters at home. I got mine from Amazon. One detail that got my attention was the officially declared Powerline adapter’s speed. I believe this aspect is confusing for other people as well. What is Powerline (HomePlug)? It’s data transfer technology which uses existing powerlines in your […]

Backup SD card

July 28th, 2014

Why would you need a backup SD card? I wanted just to upgrade my SD card to faster one on my Raspberry Pi XBMC, but there could be more good reasons to do this. Copying the files itself can’t be as straightforward as you thought because your SD card may contain few different file system partitions […]

Modding AMI BIOS

June 27th, 2014
Modding AMI bios

What is the BIOS? BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input Output System on your PC. It is responsible to initiate and make available all devices and their chips (including CPU) are to the operating system on your PC motherboard. Some PC parts like RAID controllers and video cards have their own BIOS. For instance, such BIOSes […]

BBC iPlayer outside UK

June 17th, 2014
BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only

TV streaming limitations It is quite a common practice that tv (BBC, HULU, ABC, CBS,  etc.) streaming services are limited to a certain geographic region. IP addresses and other browser settings can be used to check this. When your PC (or its browser) tries to access some live tv streaming, the remote streaming server checks […]

Tweak Raspberry PI XBMC (OpenELEC)

June 8th, 2014
Tweak OpenElec

As it was explained in the post about Raspberry Pi, it has only 700 MHz CPU. Surely, it is not too powerful for a media player running XBMC. The Raspberry Pi’s GPU is shaped in very specific way and as a result, the same under-powered CPU is used for some graphics tasks (e.g. showing XBMC interface, performing the decoding of […]