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DIY lens hood for Sony A6300 (SEL1650)

November 24th, 2018
Make lens hood for SEL1650 yourself

I own Sony A6300 camera, which came together with wide angle to standard portrait length OSS lens SEL1650 (3.5-5.6). This lens is quite reasonable as entry level. It is worth to read this SEL1650 review, in order to learn the range of the aperture and the lens focal length values combinations, in which this lens is […]

Building my 4G LTE mimo antenna prototype

September 17th, 2018
Building 4g LTE mimo antenna prototype Bi-Quad antenna

  You might already read that I own a Huawei router. Currently, it is installed in the attic of our house. However, it happens not so rarely that the download speed significantly drops. In some cases, it is relevant to the meteorological conditions (the rain is not so rare on the west coast of Ireland). […]

Performing your home electricity consumption audit

August 12th, 2018
Using Sonoff Pow R2 to Perform your home electricity consumption audit Sonoff Pow R2

  Everyone from us gets the electricity bills. But were you not curious to learn the usage pattern and which electric devices contribute the most to your bill? I mean not by the vendors declarations but based on the measurements. I was curious and I decided to perform my home electricity consumption audit. There could […]

Re-doing 6N11(ECC88) SRPP from eBay

July 18th, 2018
Tweak 6N11 ECC88-SRPP from eBay board top view

  Another project from eBay. It is an assembled 6N11(ECC88) SRPP board. Who are not familiar – a Chinese vacuum tube 6N11(via eBay) is an equivalent of Russian 6N1 (via Ebay). I read somewhere that Russians transferred their tubes technology in 1940s during the hot communism era and friendship time with other  pro-communism countries. Whatever […]

My R-core transformer arrived!

February 8th, 2018
R-Core transformers ... are they worth?

After waiting for a month+ , my R-core transformer finally arrived  🙂 It was well packed to survive a long trip from China. The declared parameters of the R26-09 R-core transformer’s (via eBay) were supposed to be: Primary: 0-115VAC x2; Secondary: 0-220VAC x2 with max total output current of 50mA and and 6.3VAC x2 with the total […]